Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fit? As A Fiddle, Thank You!

I'm not sure who I'm spending more time getting fit these days, me or
the horse?
This morning at about seven fifteen which is far too many cups of
strong black coffee for my liking, some hulking great guy at the gym
asked me why I was using such teenie tiny weights. As I explained to
him that dressage riders needed to be slim and svelte I secretly
prayed that I was going to be able to push those teenie tiny weights
past my teenie tiny chest. I also explained with a scoff of arrogance
and disdain that I had just endured forty five minutes on the
treadmill, cross trainer and the rowing machine not to mention the
dozens of mad looney horses I was going to ride before lunch. The
whoosh of a barbell about the size of a Shetland pony shooting past my
head alerted me to his disbelief, I quietly sidled away.
On the horse fitness front, Rex is doing amazingly well. Tuesday is
his first day back in work after a day off and at eighteen hands plus
in height I'm terribly aware of how far the ground is when on board
and how quickly it can come to meet me. Much to my relief and the
relief of all my gym weary muscles he was a thorough gentleman, even
when Tess the Irish terrier decided that a game of tag around the
arena would be fun, while I'm in canter. Lets bear in mind he covers
the long side of the arena in five strides, "not much I can tell you."
I am mostly working on getting a more solid outside connection, for
all you non horsey folks that means not crashing through the fence
when we take a corner.

I'm alive for one day even if its only to have the same conversation
with another big bruisery bloke at the gym in the morning.
Perhaps I'll just do cardio tomorrow....