Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back To School

Pumpkin (Palermo)

 Itʼs marvelous to be back in school, dressage school because actual school was never as much fun as this. A really true friend who I happened upon when lodging in New York came to visit and it couldnʼt have been more agreeable. Little Buddha as I call him, has a special gift of being able to look right at a horse, right through to his mind and understand not only what he needs but also what will ensure that he grows and blossoms. Together with Little Buddha, we took a horse I was privileged to work with, known as Pumpkin to his friends and allowed him to find his way back to riding and dressage despite being written off by others. It was no mean feat and there were many intense training sessions that went on late into the night but always trying to serpentine round the obstacles instead of meeting them head on, itʼs amazing what a bit of meandering can do. I still have the high score Dutch warmblood award hanging in my office today to prove it.

 Back in School

I was terribly nervous having him come and see the new big horse, a horse that I have so much belief in that it worries me sometimes. Every fibre of my being tells me this is the ultimate horse for me and I can truly say I have never ever sat on a more talented animal.
The arrival day dawned and after I had driven everyone absolutely mad tidying and fussing, it was a helter-skelter dash to the airport for pick up. After somehow missing all the warning signs, I ended up behind an ambulance and a bunch of bikers in the middle of the Manx bike race on the way to the airport. On quick foot to the floor journey later, a slightly jet lagged trainer picked up but there was no time for catching up.

 It was on board and immersed in a lesson before I knew what hit me. At that late hour and I must confess I was grateful for umpteen cups of coffee to keep me skipping through the day because I was mid half pass to flying change before I even had time to think about being tired. Oh! To be able to soar above the ground with so much ease is just delightful. Movements coming without effort or struggle, it felt like the diamond was coming out of the rough and all those years of waiting and biding time waiting for muscles to strengthen, joints to catch up have paid off. Itʼs finally time to play and have fun, as well as grafting and sweating bullets of course! God forbid we donʼt look like weʼre having to work for it!