Monday, December 6, 2010

A Weekend In The Country

Someone some where has released Mr Frost on Ireland. For the last week we have been slipping, sliding, swerving with a little bit of sledging to round it up! I do have to admit, as an Irish person, we do tend to love to chatter (moaning) about the weather. If you’ve read this blog before, you know I do manage to always get mention in about it but this week is genuinely different, a very crisp blanket of snow has concealed everything in sight. Not just the mountain tops, making us lament how hard a winter it’s going to be, but actual inches of snow, like a proper snowy country. Terribly charming to look but in a country that can barely handle a smattering of snowflakes, everything has ground to a stop, including me!

Walking The Dogs.

All the horses are either off up on the side of a mountain on forced holidays or too precious to venture across the glacial ground to frozen arena’s. Early in the week saw us all bound for Fernhill Sport horses indoor arena, the perfect spot to get some last minute training in before the upcoming Schumacher clinic. Unfortunately the worsening weather, even the tough old German couldn’t make it over so all is quiet for a while on the equestrian side.

Evening Walk

The View From Home

As you know, I most definitely not a morning person, with the required three cups of coffee before I even attempt to go near the weights area in the gym, but this week I had a credible excuse not to have to break into a sweat! A while back, during a particularly vigorous back workout, I managed to pull a muscle in my upper back and shoulder. Then, warned not to do anything, I spent the rest of that week competing three horses, (Finishing in first, second and third) but resulting in an inability to do much more than grumble and bleat to every person in sight. After several days of annoying all the staff at The Ormonde Gym, finally Ger (of GT Fitness) told me to get my ass home for the weekend and give them all a break from my whining. So Shawn and I took ourselves of to the country for the weekend to visit my parents. We braved the roads and wound our way down to Wexford. Truthfully, it was a welcome break, absolutely delightful not to have to trudge through the streets over slush and ice amid the already crazed Christmas shoppers.
Lots of tea, followed by lazy leisurely walks with the dogs followed by boozy evenings by the open fire made for a really relaxing time.

Morning's Snowy Visitor