Friday, July 30, 2010

Letter re Judges Training

This lovely letter appeared on the Dressage Ireland Website last week,

"We wish to say a huge thank you to all those who helped organise the sessions. Gerd, Wauter, Gisela and the judges committee Joan Keogh for the superb facilities which included the indoor school and conference room, the wonderful riders and their horses who earned much praise from us all, so hopefully will be keen to return as their input is so vital to the future of the sport.

The format used is one we are now getting used to, with training for a few hours then a break for a cooked meal, then a revitalised return to the more advanced work.

Lynda kept us focused and positive as always, something Jennie Loriston Clarke had also done at last year's seminar.

The only surprise of the evening was that more people hadn't organised their time to be there. We had a superb group of judges taking an active role throughout the evening – just as it should be.

We must not forget our Judges seminar with Steven Clarke on September 7th.

We appreciate what is being done for us, and so once again, thank you.

– Alison Mastin Moore"

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Congratulations to Amy and Tessie on scoring a 60% in their first ever dressage test in the North Munster Dressage Clubs "Little Rascals" competition earlier this month in Clonshire.

Hoofprints Horse Trials League

Hoofprints Horse Trials League at Nuenna Farm
One Day Event
Association of Irish riding Clubs
One Day Event

Spent a lovely morning at Nuenna Farm, one of my old haunts in Freshford in County Kilkenny this Sunday. Over 100 entries made for a daunting task for organiser Gillian Dillion but the show couldn't have run more smoothly, with six dressage arenas on the go from early morning, we managed to finish at a really reasonable hour and had time to go shopping at Simon Porters tack shop which was selling all kinds of everything on site!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Judging at Waterford Hunt Branch Pony Club

Irish Pony Club Waterford hunt Branch Area 3 Qualifier
Prize Winners
There were great numbers out in show for the Waterford Hunt Branch area qualifier, and luckily the rain stayed away leaving us with blue skies and a nice summer breeze. I saw some of the smartest riders in ages, one especially in he under twelves category was by far the most polished and professional young rider I've seen in a long time.

We had a visitor to the judges tent!

Teamwoodcraft News

Teamwoodcraft news

News of the Laois Pony Club Musical Ride on Teamwoodraft

Teamwoodcraft Sponsorship Shirts

TEAMWOODCRAFT Shirts finally here
Teamwoodcraft now being sported at lessons, shows and clinic's!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Riding in the Rain.

So much for all that sunshine! Back to good old rainy Ireland.


Congratulations to Gillian Hennessey on winning her one day event today at Carne in County Wexford as part of the Hoofprints Horse Trials League with a a great dressage score with her superb horse Stanley.
"See, Gillian, all that dressage training really does pay off"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Judging at Raheen Na Gun Combined Training Event

Unfortunately, the luck we had with the weather for the Waterford Pony Club Dressage show didn't hold for Raheen Na Gun's Combined Training Event this Saturday. The morning was greeted with a grey pallor and a deluge of raindrops. Nevertheless, people donned their raingear and turned out in force for both the jumping classes and dressage. I spent the morning judging some super horses and for my first test, a superbly ridden and trained young Freisian that I'm sure we will see again in the placings.
The view from the judges jeep was less than ideal!

There were many riders with several horses in both the combined event and the pure dressage so I found my scribe finding an inventive way to fill the time spent waiting with the weekend crossword!

Waterford Hunt Pony Club Camp Dressage Championships

Between showers on Friday morning, as people tacked and prepped for jumping, I had the pleasure of judging the junior and seniors in their dressage for their camp championships. A full day with many talented riders and ponies but still enough time to lecture some parents on the benefits of dressage while their children jumped about in the raindrops and they couldn't escape my unrelenting nagging!
This little grey horse was terribly impressive with clear rounds show jumping and a dressage test that was just a pleasure to watch,
So I took the opportunity to try and recruit them for the dressage world!

Thankfully the rain did manage to stay away for most of the day and it was really super to see so many youngsters with pony so well trained.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Demo Rider

Spent the day yesterday at Spruce Lodge riding as a demonstration rider in the judges training. Visiting English Judge Linda Whetstone worked with a panel of Irish judges through the different levels of competition dressage. Even with some minor hiccups I think the panel were impressed with Don Rosario. A big thank you to TEAMWOODCRAFT for organising the travel and spending the day with Rex and I there in Spruce Lodge.

Monday, July 5, 2010

G Fit, Fitness and Nutrition.

Just as I was getting complacent and comfortable at the gym, along came personal trainer Ger O' Toole and reviewed my weight training programme, two days in and I'm already broken.. in a good way!! He offers personal training with programme design and nutritional support.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mare Inspections

Ivan attended the H.S.I./Teagasc demonstration on
preparing for the new 2010 H.S.I. mare inspections (for Irish Sport Horses and Irish Draught Horse mares) in Kildalton College. It introduces the new linear scoring sytem for mares that will be performance tested for approval, dressage and jumping.