Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Has Spring Sprung?

There's blazing bright sunshine stealing it's way over everything in sight
moving it's way towards the window I'm sitting in, slowly and hesitantly
flushing out the Springtime. It's still so cold though, like the air is hanging
onto thoughts of comfort and hibernation. Resistance from the onslaught and
attack of renewal. Spring! for me, a time for to assess, plan, schedule and
surge. that sunshine warming my fingers as they thumb through show schedules and
old Wintery notes on goals and ambitions. "Tomes of Heroism", "Chapters for
Striving", "Success Strategies".But still with the glow of warmth comes the
lingering breeze of Jack Frost telling me to wrap up warm and stay put till the
With Rex, it's easier to welcome the Spring, each step of his carrying us
forward with swing, always driving, always pushing with impulsion, mapping a way
forward. Ploughing through the greyness of Winter training into the new year of
stepping up! Time to take part and own each new moment. Every smooth, solid,
fluid step resounding more deliberately through the ground awakening softness,
harmony and balance.He's ready to fulfill his potential. I just have to be ready
Excuse my musings, just shaking off he cobweb shawl from my brain.