Friday, November 4, 2011

Rex in the Morning Sun

Early mornings are never my best friend, not unless my real best friend, large coffee is up to salute the rising sun is with me. With the hour time change last weekend, I expected marvelous bright mornings to whistle my way to work, instead it’s just another grey dreary sky to kick start the day. The saving grace after mucking out is always the prospect to sit on some beautiful horses.
These last few weeks we’ve been working on letting them down after a hectic show season. It’s refreshing to be able to work all the boys and not have to push to be ready for shows each weekend. Each horse has so much to teach me and even though they all have their own foibles the training can be similarly gratifying. Working on stretching, allowing muscles to work and get stronger but still be able to loosen and ease out any kinks from the work. Sessions can now be extended but with more breaks and less emphasis put on actual test movements but patiently taking the time to really feel every step.
With each horse I’ve made a point of closing my eyes in the walk and just asking myself what can I feel, what is my horse asking of me, where he needs support and how can I guide him best. Rex, my main horse is always a pleasure to exercise but recently he’s taking huge steps forward. With the new saddle, the help of a great farrier and massage therapist the final work is all down to me and it’s perfect not to have any excuses. I always remember an old trainer of mine telling me the hard work always outs in the end, those who makes excuses now on the grey rainy days will be the same ones making excuses on competition day. Well, at nationals this year I made far too made excuses, it’s time to get down to work and show how fantastic this horse is.

It’s time to send my show jacket off to the dry cleaners, put my show boots away and just spend some quality time with each horse.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Picture of Elegance (Thin and Tall?)
I just got back from the gym, first time back in over three weeks. A bit of a switch from the fanatic every day six days a week, sometimes twice a day. If I’m truthful, I didn’t miss it one tiny bit. Usually when I miss a day I get that niggling feeling in the back of my brain, right around the same place, towards the back on the left near guilt. This time however I took a few moments to muse why and where it was all coming from.
Most of you who know me, know the I have this annoying habit of talking without thinking, uncensored and incessant. It turns out that it hasn’t really worked in my favour.

Run like You've Stolen It

Friends in the horse world like to tell me all about what I should be doing in the gym or not doing, friends in the fitness world like to do the same and friends in bodybuilding and weightlifting are equally as outspoken. I suppose if I’m willing to discharge my thoughts to all and sundry, all and sundry will offer an opinion back. Amongst all of that, I never really took the time to figure out what I wanted from all this time and effort at the gym.
Other riders and trainers are so determined than it’s all about being slim, constantly telling me to watch the weightlifting. Trainers at the gym want me aiming for marathons, despite the fact I can’t abide running, and those ever friendly bodybuilders who just can’t help coming up to me in the gym when my head’s about to explode from the amount of weight I’m lifting to tell me I’m not lifting nearly heavy enough and why am I so thin. Why are we so quick to decide for people whats right for them?

All About The Size

While I’m getting my head right deciding where I want to go with the gym work, let me allay some of your fears. I am naturally slim, always was and always will be, I will never be too heavy, too muscled up for my horses. I can run and regularly do, usually after my horse as he cavorts across the paddock and thats all I ever want to be able to do, and for those of you wondering if I’m ever going to add some size or muscle, since starting in the gym I’ve added over nearly 50lbs of muscle, for those of you who are horsey, that's a big bag of horse feed.

A work in Progress