Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sponsored by Nick Dolman Saddlery

 "Nick Dolman Saddler, Bespoke saddle maker"

I received the pictures from the Sarah Jewel Photography shoot to celebrate the joining together with Nick Dolman Saddlery. I spent a fantastic sunny afternoon with her on the farm and my new sponsored dressage saddle custom made by Nick . Nick and I have come to know each other through Rexs Bowen therapist, Clare Townsend. Between the three we seem to have found the ultimate saddle for him and I have to admit I didn't think his old one could be improved upon but this allows me to sit much deeper but more importantly allows the horse to reach much more through the shoulder. I'm pretty sure that all this amazing progress that we've made this season has only been helped by this wonderful saddle.

 "Because attention to detail matters"

 "Straight cut saddles allowing for full movement of the horses shoulders meaning a greater expression in the paces"