Thursday, April 21, 2011

Signs of Summer Madness

There is so much life after tearing through in the last week, with the combination of sensational sunshine and gauzy rain at night, everything has blossomed! There's instantaneously vibrant colour everywhere, like someone flicked on the high definition switch. I'm back full time in horses again and I had forgotten just how wonderful it is to be outside all day, apart from developing a farmers tan!

I went shopping in TRI equrstrian last week, finally decided I needed to buy a new pair of breeches and settled on the waterproof ones, (I blame my mother's pragmatic voice in the back of my head) AFTER!! buying them I was warned that they might be a bit slippery because of the material,
well, all thanks to this particularly fluffy looking yet totally obnoxious sheep we got to test out that theory. As she gamboled towards the edge of the outdoor with her little cute lambs in tow my horse decided to shoot completely in the opposite direction at amazingly high velocity. Slippery doesn't describe that light floaty feeling I had as the saddle disappeared from underneath me. Luckily we stayed on but I spent the remainder of the session hurtling down the long side past the onlooking ewe!