Monday, January 15, 2018

Minty Fresh

I'm known for mint bribes! These two don't need much encouragement. They surpassed all expectations on their demo outing. Worth every peppermint penny! 

Demo Days

Our first demo of the season, plans afoot for the next one already.

Demo Days

I had the wonderful pleasure of hosting a demonstration with Libby Priest who I've been working with for about a year now. Libby made the  British team for world championships as a carriage driver with her team of horses, Ollie and Fixtor. Fixtures and Libby and I knocked our heads together and and decided to present a demo this spring based on the methods of training to improve the driving horse, through lunge work, long line work and ridden work. 

Both Ollie and Fixtor got involved as well as their little brother stablemate Harry the young horse who demonstrated the lunging work. Even in a howling gale and with a crew of people spilling over the edge of the arena all three boys sparkled and showed how much patience and dedication Libby has put into their training.

Despite the weather heaving down, we were well covered in thanks to Llamedos Equestrian  and some soup kept the spirits up while we waffled on. We had a great crew of people turn up so all seemed keen and with only a little prompting and some coffee and cupcakes began to engage and ask questions. So often we sit on the edge of asking those questions we feel we should know the answers too but it was heartening to see people muse on the methods. It's always useful even to challenge ourselves on what we believe to be the right way forward. 

Trophy Treats

This years AGM for the Isle of Man Dressage Group saw me handing over the "The Royal Welcome "Advanced medium trophy to a very deserving Helen Squires and her horse Prophet. 

Amazingly I wasn't left empty handed as the group bestowed the honour of "The Sheila Sabharwal Memorial Trophy" for my contribution to the sport. I hope this doesn't mean I have to retire!