Thursday, May 20, 2010

Student Jen Daly on Half Blood Prince winning her classs.

New Sponsors Ormonde Leisure Club Press Shoot.

New Sponsors

School Is Out!

On the trek home from riding Rex. Exhausted, both brain and body drained and sapped of every last vestige of energy but happy, immensely happy! Last week concluded my college life, finals exams went incredibly well. I’m sure not many p
eople can say examiners hung around after assessments to watch them ride a horse. I’m now, (official results still pending) a qualified fitness instructor. Now most of you who know me know I am unlikely to suddenly develop a new found love of step aerobics but it has allowed me to assess my own fitness goals specifically where Rex and competition is concerned and now at least I can use the Latin name for the bit thats not bloody kicking hard enough when he decides a buck and a kick are the order of the day!
Now that it’s wrapped up, it’s time to converge on competition again, first up is Marlton festival where he scored in the 70 percents last year. This year we’re looking to secure a qualification for both Preliminary level and Novice level, that’s a 62% at both levels for two shows, unfortunately I won’t be attending the full weekend of Marlton festival as I’m judging on the Sunday at Raheen Na Gun as part of the AIRC show season. The following weeks show is a coin toss between Boswell and Barnadown depending on how well he performs at Marlton. I’m confident he’ll get the percentages at prelim level straight away all disasters aside and hopefully we won’t have to drag our sorry hides around to too many shows to get the novice scores. Speaking of shows, I have to say congratulations to one of my students, Jen Daly for winning her class last Sunday especially since this is her first season of dressage.
Not forgetting to mention the weather, it’s unseasonably balmy now with slothful flies already sailing around on the sun streaks. Some of that incessant Irish rain has turned everything quite forty shades of green here and with it, hope for a super competition season ahead. This year I have the support of two fabulous sponsors in the form of Teamwoodcraft and the Ormonde Leisure Club. Together we’re addressing Rex’s training and my training for Nationals and possibly a covert trip overseas for some small international classes at the end of the season.
Teamwoodcraft is hosting a dressage masterclass that I’m teaching in June with a demonstration on Rex (Don Rosario) on the steps of training for the young dressage horse. Tomorrow I shoot the press pic’s for the papers with Ormonde Leisure Club. It’s will be good practice as I haven’t done a modeling shoot for ages, October First photography want to do a vampire shoot with me in the same vein as True Blood crossed with Lady Gaga’s “Show Me Your Teeth” music video. I knew it was bound to happen, If I do nothing else this year I have to get some sleep and a tan before the summer is out