Friday, August 1, 2014

I’ve had my best loved boy out to a show recently, it’s been too long since we’ve competed and now the wonderful weather is here I really have no excuse, I had planned on having him over to the UK before now but with all the moving too and fro there really hasn’t been time.

 Nikki Crisp very kindly as is her way, reminded me it’s time to move into this century and stop wearing a hunting stock when I compete and to update my style of plaiting. I’ve sourced a new tie and even remembered a beautiful tie pin I’d gotten as a birthday present last year but the plaits are another story. Over the years I’ve had to adapt my way of plaiting to suit the yard but only in the last few years have I been able to decide how I like them. Now I’m back to a learning a new style and I’m all thumbs, It looks like I’ve never been showing before. 

Rex was a superstar as usual, warmed up well and gave me an obedient first test and I was pleased with his debut back out. The second test saw me getting a little big for my boots and asking too much which ended in lots of cavorting about the arena and I had to take a few moments to settle him before continuing on with the test. He did manage to scrape two wins but it’s best not to ask how many were in the class. We’re pushing on with the season and Hans has been over to kick us both back into line with a very intense training week. I’ve got a new horse to show on starting this weekend but then I’m back looking at the show schedule for Rex’s next outing. Here’s hoping I manage to get my plaiting in order before then.