Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Out the Window

First day back at college.
I am eternally attracted to gaping out the window at the sunshine. Distant memories of being held captive in a class room wistfully dreaming at the suns dappled rays outside. All this sunshine going to waste I used to think and now sitting here, (we won’t mention how many years later as I’m feeling too close to thirty for comfort) thinking exactly the same thing. I do idolize this new laptop, writing a blog doesn’t appear to be much different looking from studying for an exam and no one can see the screen so I think it’s passable. After the most magnificent weekend this year with enough sunshine to turn the lower half (but only the lower half) or my arms an exotic shade of tan. Destined always to look like an Italian peasant farmer in summer with an eternal V shape on my neck and brown arms to the elbow and a poverty stricken Russian in the winter.
I’ve just noticed how much I talk about the weather on this blog, does it seem like I’m just wandering around like a sprite on the edge of the weather. Hunched like an old man in the cold and swaggering in summer warmth. I blame the Irish blood in me. So no more weather now, while riding Rex I haven’t had time to look at much. Lesley (Rex’s physiotherapist) and I formulated a new fitness routine with an extra day for recovery in the middle so we can still put pressure on him for muscle building work but a day off to let his body recover so he’s not sore. Now, I need a recovery day. What was supposed to be a relaxing “back loosening” day ended up being a jaw clenching, white knuckle rollercoaster ride for me. We started off well enough, waving gleefully at the onlookers as we paraded by, all generally very jolly, until he felt grass underfoot. I’m sure he had a flash back to a past life experience as a war horse and took off snorting like a dragon with fire in his eyes. After two flat out hair raising laps of the field he took pity on my diminishing grip. (I had imagined a year of heftng around impossibly dense dumbells in the gym would have equipped me for this) We slowed, and I emphasis slowed as we definitely didn’t stop. A minutely slower strut all the way home is all I can say to describe it. He was delighted with himself, I was a wracked and wrecked but thank god for vanity, enough people on the stableyard to make me smile my best imitation smile and announce how we had a tremendous time out in nature. Nature needs to be doled pout in very small amounts if you ask me, Mary Poppins style, with a spoonful of sugar, or at least a semi skimmed latte with a shot of vanilla. Totally unnatural! Luckily we’re back to the arena now, I’m much more in my element here.

We’ve gotten our acceptance letter for Schumacher training so time to pull up our socks and get down to work. Last week we had a visit to the yard from German Grand Prix rider Jeurgen Fischer, he rode Rex and it was interesting to get his comments and see someone else on him. It was reassuring to know he has the same thoughts as I have. I must be doing something right in my own little bubble!

Happy Birthday To Churchgate!
An old friend who's twenty today. His owner Franc Micklem and I have been going to dressage shows together since time and memorial it seems.