Monday, May 23, 2011

Idiot Clarification

I was trying to find a picture to go with the exercise I was describing, I eventually came across it. Just to make sure you didn't think I was randomly throwing my being and some weights around in the gym. Secretly I was scoffing at how weedy the weight is that the guy is using in the picture considering how big his arms are in comparison to mine but then I realised that was probably half the reason I managed to get in a knot, trying to lift something the weight of my upper body! Seems in my effort to put aside your fears for my safety have only highlighted the problems, oh well, back to the drawing board.

A President and a Queen!

I took a moment this evening when I was out in the howling gale force winds trying to catch a young horse to look up at the cavalcade of helicopters flying over the fields, now I'm the most uninformed person on the planet but I'm assuming that it was President Obama on his way back to Dublin. He may have traveled by car but I'm choosing to believe it was him, I'm also choosing to believe in that moment both he and Michelle had a look out the window and thought, gosh, who's that hard working young man, he should have cup of coffee. Who am I to disrespect the president! So here I am coffee in hand writing this update.

"Ah come on, who gave him a hurl"

Between Obama and the Queen visiting I'm feeling terribly patriotic and wearing lots of green. Well, I had been until someone told me how sickly it made me look.

"At least the Queen got to see some pretty horses"

Speaking of sickly, my old back was aching somewhat terribly when I cottoned on the idea of having it checked over when my horse got his checked over. Surely there's no point in having one of us MOT'D and not the other. In hindsight, I should have been a bit more prepared for the outcome. Both the horse and I were a veritable bag of knots and tensions, I'm not sure who caused who to lock up through the back but I suppose I have to be the bigger person and take the blame! Actually, now I mention "bigger person" the reason for some of the back problems were revealed. Far too much lower back work done in the gym, ridiculous stuff involving balancing with big bloody weight plates, ridiculous because my main aim was not to increase strength or muscle mass but mostly not to fall over and look like an idiot. Luckily my back lady is also a personal trainer so no more bad technique, lifting in the gym for me.

"This kind of thing is far too familiar!"