Thursday, June 16, 2016

Proud Parent

The changes of the season creep up on me, I never seem to be prepared with the right sort of clothing. Maybe it’s just the Irish in me that likes to complain but not do anything about it. Luckily sublime sunshine has finally hit the rock. 

Rex has shed his winter woollies and I’m doing my best to crisscross my body with tan lines in a multitude of outlines. The interruption from the deluge has allowed my grey matter to dry out a little at least. It’s essential to keep enough dampness in the brain for me to be able to muse in a Celtic fashion and dwell on the most inane stuff.

I’m sure the dampness in my brain leads to good things though. It allows me to mull over to an unnecessary level what my horses and clients are doing. My hope is, In these quiet moments, I can focus in on the most crucial points needed to help a rider and horse. 

 Each client is like having a child of my own to look after. I worry about them, how they’re feeling, how they’re progressing. 

Horses have given me so many gifts and so many learning lessons. If only for a second I can help someone find that themselves I am a very proud parent.